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Undead Evolution Series: Wights (Pathfinder)

$ 14.99

Enter the realm of the night as you take on the wight.  The evil of the wight reawakens in this supplement with quick rules on how to play wights if your game master is so daring with a quick wight template and a new race: the dreaded Half-Wight. A half undead creature that people tend to stay away from.  Inside are 10 new wights from the Dire Wight, the Energy Wight and the horrid Harbinger Wight.  But that's not all, inclused with each is a basic character class so that you can play each individual wight with unique rules for each.  You'll also find 25 feats, 19 new spells and 3 new wight gods each with their own planar descriptions for places to take your players to explore.  Face the might of the wight and see if you come out ... alive or otherwise.