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Traveller: Twilight Sector - Campaign Setting (Book & PDF)

$ 24.99

This is a book and PDF combo package.

Welcome to the raggedy edge of human space, The Orion Frontier. This is the edge of human exploration. Rimward from here, There be Dragons! No star chart or encyclopedia tells us what lies beyond, only whispered tales of scouts and pirates provide us myth-inspired answers. But here there is life, life in abundance and wonder to boot. The edge of the Orion Frontier is an arbitrary area of space called The Twilight Sector. What The Twilight Sector has is a wonder. Earth! Or at least an exact copy, and by exact copy I mean exactly that. The planet is a beautiful blue green ball of cosmic habitat that resembles the mother planet down to the shape of its continents. This Traveller compatable campaign setting brings you Space Opera to the 10th!

This physical copy comes with a PDF downloadable version as well.