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Trophy: Gold RPG

$ 45.00

   Trophy Gold is a dark fantasy horror/adventure game about desperate treasure-hunters who loot gold from a haunted forest and the dungeons it hides. Unlike other fantasy roleplaying games, Trophy Gold emphasizes the struggle of being a low-powered adventurer and the risks associated with that profession. The game is organized into incursions: themed stories played over 4-5 sessions. A series of incursions can be strung together to form a longer campaign, exploring the goals and lives of the treasure-hunters. Trophy Gold includes nine incursions, as well as a special “mega-incursion” called “The Roots of Old Kalduhr” that can last 12 or more sessions and be a campaign unto itself. 

This product listing is for the physical harcover book only. However, if you contact the publisher, The Gauntlet Gaming with your proof of purchase they will happily provide you with a PDF copy of the book. You can email them at: gauntletpublish@gmail.com.