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Trinity Continuum: Reference Screen

$ 25.00

At long last! The Trinity Continuum returns with a new Storypath system and revised setting. Talents: the subtle champions, daredevils of unparalleled skill and luck. Psions: those able to employ the powers of their own minds to affect those around them. Novas: the stalwart few with the power to alter the very fabric of reality.
The Trinity Continuum Reference Screen includes all the rules a Storyguide needs to run a game using the corebook. Additionally, the three-panel screen comes with a booklet that covers character creation and the basics of the Storypath system.
The Storypath system is a 10-sided dice pool system designed for scalability; the rules can facilitate everyday people and characters with psi powers in the same game. To resolve an action roll a number of dice equal to the character’s Attribute + Skill; the player must achieve a certain number of successes by rolling an 8 or better. The Trinity Continuum Storyguide Screen is published by Onyx Path Publishing. Its charts and tables are designed for use with the Trinity Continuum core rulebook.