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Trinity Continuum: Adventure!

$ 55.00

“Don’t try to pin my success on mind-reading, kid. Nothing beats hard work and worn soles for getting to the bottom of a good story. I was a success well before I covered the Hammersmith affair. The only thing that’s done for me is make the world a much more exciting place to get a scoop.”

— Helen Perkins, Mesmerist

Trinity Continuum: Adventure! is a game of pulp action and daring adventures. Over a decade ago, an explosion at a private science debut created a ripple across the world. The year is now 1934, and the Inspired — people with extraordinary abilities — contend with unnatural threats, explore strange wonders, and vie to shape the oncoming 21st Century. Take on the role of a brave hero and embark on your next great adventure!

Inside Trinity Continuum: Adventure!, you’ll find:

  • Information about the three Inspired character types: daredevils, mesmerists, and stalwarts
  • Details about the world in the 1930s viewed through a pulp lens
  • Updated Storypath rules and character creation information for Inspired characters
  • Storyguide advice on how to run various pulp genres

Requires the Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook to play.