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Tri-Stat: Core RPG - System

$ 14.95

This affordable, 224-page, pocket-sized edition of the Tri-Stat System (the foundation of both Absolute Power and BESM Fourth Edition) offers a complete role-playing game; no other books or products are required to play (other than up to four six-sided dice). This single volume presents a comprehensive, universal, multi-genre system that you can use for your adventure scenarios at any power level. Tri-Stat Core thus makes for an affordable extra “table copy” of the system. What this volume doesn’t offer is fluff. No art, no setting, no fancy layout, no wordy descriptions, no explanation of what an RPG is, no player or GMing advice, no quick-play character creation templates, no pre-built NPCs or equipment, and only a few examples. Nothing but the Tri-Stat System at a remarkable price!