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Traveller: The Third Imperium - Crowded Hours

$ 39.99

Crowded Hours is a compilation of the classic Avenger Enterprises Traveller adventures, including:

The Windermann Incident: Travelling by airship is supposed to be slow and boring, but this voyage is a lot more interesting than the passengers aboard Handley Aviatrix bargained for. With the passengers in the hands of hijackers, the crew helpless and Handley Avatrix herself on a collision course with destruction, it falls to the travellers to save the airship and themselves. They must confront gunmen, treachery and airsick rodents at high altitude over an acrtic sea.

Type S: The Type S Scout/Courier is a tough little ship, regarded in many quarters as virtually unbreakable. When an ex-Scout somehow manages to strand his ship atop a dormant volcano, the travellers are hired to repair and retreive it. What could possibly go wrong with such a simple task?

Fiddler's Green: Overwhelmed by a revolution, the remnants of the Bularia Mounted Constabulary fight to keep open the only route out of the war zone. With the rebel army closing in on the last train to safety, the travellers can run or try to protect the refugees. Their stand might become a legend, or they may be buying a one-way ticket to Fiddler's Green, the legenday place where all dead troopers dismount.

One Crowded Hour: Aboard a misjumped liner, the situation is dire. The ship is out of control and careering towards a gas giant. There are not enough places aboard the shuttle for everyone, so the passengers and crew must take desperate measures to save the ship and themselves. They have little time remaining... one crowded hour of glorious endeavour to save the ship, or sixty minutes of frantic weaseling, connniving and treachery to grab a place on the lifeboat.

Crowded Hours hurls your adventuring group into the middle of desperate, high-pressure situations requiring fast thinking and a variety of skills. Non-combat-oriented groups will find their own solutions, but these are not adventures for the faint-hearted. Grab the controls, chamber a round and ready your best fast talk, because the next few hours are going to be crowded with action.