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Traveller: The Third Imperium

$ 49.99

  The Third Imperium is the greatest interstellar empire in the history of Charted Space. Its Emperors have reigned for a thousand years, building a utopian society based upon the pillars of duty, honour, free trade and a powerful navy that protects its worlds and enforces its laws. Despite all of its grand achievements, the Imperium has a dark side. It has committed genocide on its own worlds. Its leaders have assassinated and murdered each other in battle to obtain the throne. A civil war nearly tore it apart, ending the dream of its visionary first Emperor. Yet with all the Imperium has been through, it has somehow endured. The Third Imperium is at a crossroads, and choices made now will determine whether it survives or crumbles. Into this realm enters a bold group of Travellers, seeking fame, fortune and adventure in hallowed the Core sector, the ancient centre of human civilisation, where dreams are made and broken. This book contains everything  Travellers and Referees need to travel and adventure in the heart of the Third Imperium, including: A huge poster map of the Core sector. Detailed descriptions of the people, society, military forces and power brokers of the Third Imperium. The complete history of the Third Imperium as it has never been told before. The Core sector, the heart of the Imperium, including playable human and alien races and world descriptions for all 16 subsectors. New starships, vehicles, weapons, armour and gear for use in Core sector campaigns or anywhere else in the Third Imperium. The galaxy is rich with opportunity, nowhere more so than at the heart of the Third Imperium. Travellers need only be bold enough to claim their share of the fortune.