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Traveller: Deepnight Revelation - The Far Side of Nowhere

$ 44.99

   The Far Side of Nowhere. Far to spinward of any known system the Travellers encounter an enclave of humans and Droyne. They speak familiar languages and have similar customs to the Travellers, but know nothing of the Imperium or its neighbours. Tradeport. A freeport on the edge of explored space, Tradeport has a dockyard of sorts – and Deepnight Revelation needs one. Tradeport is a dangerous place but with the jump drive on the verge of breakdown the Travellers have little choice but to plunge into its turbulent politics. The Biologicals. The Travellers encounter a mysterious race of what appear to be intelligent plants. Their biological starships are pushing into human-dominated space and conflict seems inevitable. An encounter with the wreck of a human battlecruiser suggests that great danger lies ahead. The Far Side of Nowhere. Human and Droyne empires thousands of parsecs from Charted Space.