Traveller: Compendium 2

$ 39.99

This second volume of the Traveller Compendiums collates all the most popular articles that have appeared in Signs & Portents over the past year, and presents them for the tabletop! Inside you will find new careers, new ships, adventures, patrons, advice on running games, new equipment, and much more!

Compendium 2 contains the following articles and adventures;

*  Annic Nova
*  Otherworld Blues
*  Old Acquaintances
*  The Thing In The Pit
*  Death Station
*  Of Dust Spice And Dew Claws
*  Spinward Fenderbender
*  A Festive Occasion
*  Rescue On Ruie
*  A Helping Hand
*  Old Flames
*  A Friend In Need
*  Balancing The Books
*  The Flying Money Pit
*  Mass Battles
*  Apologies For Absence
*  Give The Bank A Fighting Chance
*  Parallel Dimensions
*  Availability
*  Susag
*  A Gallery Of Outsiders
*  Space Bazaar
*  Xenologist