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Traveller CCG: Two Player Starter Set

$ 39.99

On the space lanes of the far future, independent ship captains ply the mains in search of profit and adventure. Great rewards can be found on the commercial routes, but ruin stalks the careless or unlucky. Take the captain's chair and lead an iconic vessel of the Third Imperium. Hire crew, find jobs and engage in piracy, all in a bid to stay in the black.

The Traveller Customizable Card Game is an adaptation of Marc Miller's classic science-fiction setting designed to accommodate between two to four players. Be the first captain to pay off your ship, fending off bankruptcy, pirates, and the hostility of an uncaring universe. Alternately, lone captains may challenge themselves with one of three solo play scenarios.

This Starter Set contains everything needed for two players to hit the mains of the Third Imperium.


  • Type S Scout Ship Deck - 81 Cards
  • Beowulf Free Trader Ship Deck - 81 Cards
  • Supplemental Deck - 50 Cards
  • Skill Tokens - 81
  • Capability Tokens - 35
  • Infamy Tokens - 13
  • Wound Tokens - 7
  • Structure Tokens - 7
  • Victory Point Tokens - 17
  • Rules Guide