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Traveller CCG: Aliens of the Imperium

$ 11.99

The Third Imperium is a cosmopolitan society of over 10,000 member worlds. Travellers are bound to encounter all manner of unusual cultures, strange creatures and unique alien races. Although these situations can be fraught with danger, the smart Captain can find fast friends and the chance to make a tidy profit from the diverse sophonts of the stars.

Aliens of the Imperium adds 19 new Captain’s Cards and 1 new Adventure Card, expanding on some of the alien races inhabiting the empire.

Aliens of the Imperium includes:

  • Three copies each of 19 Captain’s Cards
  • Three copies of 1 Adventure Card

    Please note, Aliens of the Imperium is not a standalone product. A Ship Deck is necessary to play the Traveller Customizable Card Game.