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Traveller: Book 1: Mercenary (Second Edition)

$ 29.99

In the universes of Traveller there are countless souls sailing across the sea of stars in search of fame, fortune and perhaps some deeper meaning to it all. Some are looking for the answer to the eternal questions of their civilisation, others simply want to get away from it all and find something better in the void. Anything can happen in the stretches of emptiness between worlds, and sometimes this can mean trouble. For the unprepared, this is often fatal. If someone cannot protect themselves from the dangers of the universe, there are always others who will – for a price.

This all new edition of Book 1: Mercenary provides a great many rules and revisions suitable for all ground-based combat in any Traveller campaign. With this book, you will be able to;

* Recruit squads, platoons, companies and entire armies from across the stars to create your own force of mercenaries.

* Engage in massed battles between these forces using a new system that is just as quick as combat between individual characters!

* Take your character through university and higher education before embarking on a career.

* Wield the all new Destructive weaponry to annihilate any foe you meet on the battlefield, while using forward observers to rain artillery and orbital fire down upon them.

* Use the all new ticket system to pick up mercenary contracts and earn massive amounts of Credits.

* Build strongholds, fortresses and bunker complexes, and then engage in sieges and assaults to destroy them.

* Learn the secrets of bulk-buying huge amounts of weapons at a discount, and pick up some new vehicles designed specifically for mercenaries along the way.

* Apply the new gun combat skills and revisions to your games for a greatly enhanced battle experience.