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Traveller: 2300AD - Project Bayern Boxed Set

$ 99.99

   The Pleiades have long been a source of wonder and inspiration to humans who observed them in the fall and winter skies of Earth. Project Bayern provides an immense amount of source material for the 2300AD Referee, detailing the historic flight of the starship Bayern as it leaves human space to cross more than 450 light-years of unexplored territory before reaching the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

     This set contains all the data needed to run an ongoing campaign of adventures based around the monumental voyage of the Bayern. Details on the ship and its auxiliary vessels are included to give both Travellers and Referees a full understanding of their limitations and capabilities. Background information on the Astronomischen Rechen-lnstitut will allow the Travellers to identify with the goals of the mission and understand more completely this unique Foundation. Biographical information on the flight crew and heads of the scientific team provides ready-made Travellers or fully developed NPCs. Furthermore, a section on the Pleiades provides astrophysical information on the star cluster.

     Inside you will find: Book 1: Mission Profile; Book 2: Technical Reference Manual; Book 3: Primary Mission Objectives; Book 4: Secondary Mission Objectives; A giant poster map showing the many decks of the Bayern on one side and a star chart of the Pleiades on the other.