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Traveller 2300AD: Atlas of the French Arm

$ 39.99

The French Arm vies with the Chinese Arm as the most developed grouping of colony worlds. The Arm contains a total of twelve colony worlds, colonised mainly by France, Britain, Germany, and Azania. Most of the worlds have colonies from multiple nations.
The long-settled nature of many of these worlds is a source of considerable acrimony, and even conflict, between these worlds and the nations that colonised them. Many of these colonies are growing increasingly disenchanted with their role as adjuncts of national policy, and are clamouring for increased home rule, or even independence. The new nation of Elysia is eager to foment unrest among its former colonial brethren, and the French government is tightening security all across the Arm.
Of the three arms, the French Arm is the most open, with vast numbers of stars awaiting exploration and possible colonisation. Several expeditions have ventured past Hochbaden into the Wolf cluster, and there are fortunes to be made. Exploration beyond settled systems has brought contact with the Pentapods and the Kaefers; the possibility of new contacts is real and immediate. However, these contacts are viewed as possibilities for profit, or knowledge, or both, and are eagerly sought by the governments and corporations moving out into unexplored space.
This sourcebook will take you across the French Arm, visiting all the worlds and providing a rich background for your 2300AD campaigns.