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Earthdawn: Travar - The Merchant City

$ 34.95

Jewel of the South
     The white walls of Travar weathered the Scourge better than most. The city has long been a center of trade for centuries, and stayed out of the direct conflicts between Throal, Thera, and the other powers in Barsaive. But in the aftermath of the Second Theran War, Throal has pulled back and is no longer the beacon of hope and freedom it once was. The dwarfs still trade, but Travar's merchant houses see even more opportunities to line their pockets, and with that comes greater influence in provincial affairs. Greater influence comes with greater attention. Trade is critical to post-war rebuilding efforts, and those who control trade control Barsaive. Foreign powers -- Throal, Iopos, Thera, and more -- look for ways to sway the merchants of Travar in their favor, hoping to use its mercantile strength to shape the future of Barsaive. Meanwhile, the Badlands continue to grow. Travar: The Merchant City explores the history of Travar and the surrounding lands. It also describes the present situation, providing a wealth of setting information including significant characters, organizations, legends, and more to enhance your Earthdawn game.