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Touchdown-a-Minute Football

$ 7.50

Three yards and a cloud of dust...
America's favorite game is presented here in this Minute Games second release. A full game for less than $15.00, everything you need to play is offered in this Micro Box game. You decide how to run your offense. You set your team, control the quarterback, the ends, the receivers, the front line - and pit them against a defense that is ready for anything, and determined to bring you down! Touchdowns, Point After Attempts, Field Goals, penalties and more are all in this amazingly fast dice game. You pick from a set selection of dice that have different faces on them to give your team the best chance at beating your opponent. This fun game is full of surprises as the game progresses. Play a full season, or start up a league, it's all part of the game.
John Madden not included.