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Torg Eternity: PanPacifica Sourcebook

$ 39.99

The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook details a Cosm of corporate intrigue and ruthless competition, where a handshake upfront often distracts just long enough to land a knife in the back. Direct power is too visible, so soft control is exerted through social means – such as universal basic income and apps on the ubiquitous Zuzu smartphone. Well-placed character assassinations in the media are often a prelude to the more direct violence of corporate assassins and Kanawa Security forces. The Cosm extends from glittering night clubs – where corporate spies mingle with status-seeking executives and thrill-seeking GeneMods – to remote island laboratories in which new threats are crafted.
The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook is an expansion designed for both players and Game Masters.
Inside you’ll find:
• A cure for the Contagion has been found, but genetically engineered threats – the XenoGospog – seem to be directly linked to some of the alien DNA of the plague.
• New Perks and Miracles for advancing characters, including options for Beta Clearance Storm Knights.
• Rules for Martial Arts.
• GeneMods: genetic modifications that range from purely cosmetic to truly lethal.
• Power Suits!
• New Threats, including elite corporate defenders, GeneMod chimeras, deadly robots, a few supernatural horrors, and the first ever 6th planting gospog.