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Torg Eternity: PanPacifica - Operation Soft Sell

$ 34.99

In Operation: Soft Sell, the characters do not take on the typical roles of Storm Knights, but instead act as Agents of Operation: Eris. Before the Delphi Council can reach them, the characters are recruited as Agents to gain the confidence of and access to the inner circle of the former Kanawa Corporation CEO: Ryuchi Kanawa.
The Agents must assume the guise of Stormers and work closely with Ryuchi, as they gather information about his plans while on the run from Pan-Pacifican authorities. As Ryuchi’s chosen
confidants, the Agents go on a journey across Pan-Pacifica, earning themselves a reputation that puts them at odds with their fellow Storm Knights!
Inside you’ll find:
• Seven Acts that cover not only Pan-Pacifica, but also Malagwa – a new cosm that threatens to invade Earth!
• New Drama Deck rules, as the characters are deep undercover and must act as Stormers.
• Choices that determine the characters’ fates, and the fates of more than one cosm.