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Torg Eternity: PanPacifica Map Pack 2

$ 14.99

A sturdy, foldable, 34"x22" dry-erase sheet with two full-color maps (one on each side)

This detailed, double-sided map sets the stage for the unfolding Possibility Wars on your gaming table!

  • Enter the Corporate Lab to find out the Mega-corporation’s secrets. Are the scientists here conducting unethical experiments to further GeneMod tech? This could also be the site of a heist where the Storm Knights enter in disguise to gather some important information that Kanawa wants to keep hidden from the public eye.
  • Beach Assault brings you to a heavily fortified tropical zone. Is this an island with a secret Mega-corporation base? Perhaps the Storm Knights must defend the beach against Reiko’s agents to keep an eternity shard from falling into their hands.