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Torg Eternity: PanPacifica Map Pack 1

$ 14.99

A sturdy, foldable, 34"x22" dry-erase sheet with two full-color maps (one on each side)

This detailed, double-sided map puts the heart and underbelly of the city onto your gaming table!

  • Downtown Streets puts you on the pavement in the heart of one of the many metropolises the Kanawa Corporation controls. Do Delphi Council allies wait in one of the buildings adjacent to the Mega-corporation offices, or are there Kanawa spies within waiting to strike?
  • Metropolitan Subway puts your characters in the middle of a busy subway station. Are the Storm Knights looking for a quick escape along the rails? Perhaps they are on the run from a group of Infected or on the tail of a target that has important intel in her possession.