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Torg Eternity: Pan-Pacifica - Dr. Y and the Jiangshi & Kanawa Operations

$ 14.99

Dr. Y of the Bujutsu Corporation has discovered a potential cure for the jiangshi virus. But, as usual, nothing is clear sailing. Both the Bujutsu Corporation and Dr. Y himself have gone missing. In Dr. Y and the Jiangshi, Storm Knights must find out what happened to the illustrious doctor and provide needed assistance. The fate of countless lives in Pan-Pacifica hang in the balance as the contagion continues to ravage the population of Asia.
Pan-Pacifica Operations details how Game Masters can use heists to plan out a more non-combative approach to Torg Eternity adventures.
• A Two Act adventure in which the Storm Knights may help Pan-Pacifica obtain a cure to the contagion.
• Operation rules that allow Game Masters and Players to plan and execute heists that focus on objectives like sabotage, increasing or decreasing reputations, or hacking into a network.