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Torg Eternity: Living Land GM Screen

$ 24.99

The Living Land Game Master Screen contains not only a three panel full color GM Screen with all the most important charts, tables, and modifiers from the core rules but also has new charts specific to adventures in The Living Lands.

The outside features a single, gorgeous seamless image and the axioms and World Laws players need to remember. The GM screen also includes 16 new archetype characters, great for new players such as the Blood Witch, a Core Earth native who has embraced the increased spiritual power of the Living Land, the Cartel Soldier, the Edeinos Wanderer, and more. The Living Land Game Master Screen is the most essential tool of the TORG Eternity Game Master.

A vital tool to all GM’s for over 35 years the Game Masters Screen has enabled GMs to have important information at his fingertips without having to wade through large tomes.