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Torg Eternity: Into the Storm novel

$ 9.99


Aidan McCallister didn't know The Storm was
coming. When it arrived, his reality was turned
upside down. Washington D.C. became a jungle,
Dinosaurs roamed the streets, and strange
reptile-men coordinated a ferocious attack that
brought the United States to a halt. Ordinary
people became more primal versions of themselves,
and undead abominations lurk in the
shadows of a transformed city.

But Aidan is marked by destiny. Rather than
being changed by The Storm he finds a strange
power within it. Join him as he meets new allies
and foes, fights to survive the savage "Living
Land", and discovers what it means to be a
Storm Knight.

The Possibility Wars have begun, and soon all
heroes must travel...

Into the Storm