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Torg Eternity: A Trifling Matter

$ 34.99

Orrorsh is a terrifying, deadly cosm where victory rarely comes without a price, but one wherethe Storm Knights must go to uncover the secrets of the greatest of all High Lords.

In A Trifling Matter, the heroes are sent to discover what it takes to destroy a seemingly unkillable Nightmare who is one of the Gaunt Man’s most powerful servants. Their hunt will take them from the ghats of India to the jungles of Bangladesh, and from the depths of a sanitarium to the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain, all to find the dark secrets which define their quarry-and allow the to slay her forever!

Inside you’ll find:
• A massive Seven Act adventure that crosses the different regions of Orrorsh
• The dark history of a complex, dangerous member of the Hellion Court
• New foes to face and allies to help you in a fight