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Things that Go Squeak in the Night: RPG Corebook

$ 25.00


Things That Go Squeak in the Night is a rules-light tabletop role-playing game where you play heroic mice saving human children from evil faeries and demons, all while keeping yourselves secret from adults, in a contemporary urban fantasy setting.

The stories are about battling dark forces in charming animal adventures. Agents of the Micean Council are sent on missions to sneak into homes (and other places kids go) to seek out and defeat supernatural creatures that would prey on children. This mission-based game is like The Rescuers meets Supernatural.  

The world of Squeak is a contemporary setting of mice and other animals living in functioning societies hidden from humanity. Animals have no technology of their own, and Councilmice do their jobs with cast-off human artifacts, as well as magical objects enchanted by bird wizards. The world involves spooky horror but also the charm of toothpick swords,  tiny demons that eat happiness, pigeon wizards, unhelpful squirrels, vampire rats, ghosts trapped in acorns, borrowing stolen cell phones from technology-obsessed raccoons, riding around the city on pigeons,  and portals to the faerie realm. The themes of the game are simple heroism and charming, cute animals.

And black magic.

The rules are inspired by PBTA, with some changes and alterations to fit the style of the genre and setting!