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Deadlands d20: The Way of the Righteous

$ 10.00 $ 19.95

Faith and a .44! That’s what the blessed use to overcome the forces of darkness. Those with true faith and the blessing of the Almighty can walk on water, call down holy fire from the Heavens, and sometimes even raise the dead! Of course a .44 is handy for dealing with more mundane threats—such as the followers of the Enemy. Way of the Righteous is the Deadlands D20 class book for the Blessed. Inside you’ll find new gifts and miracles, and the most powerful arcane powers in Deadlands—Divine Interventions. You’ll also find two new prestige classes—Monster Slayers and Witch Hunters, as well as detailed information on the enemies of the righteous, prophetic visions, and just how to sort the black sheep from your hero’s flock. As if that weren’t enough, Way of the Righteous contains a full-length adventure—The Mission, one of the creepiest encounters ever written for the Weird West! Way of the Righteous requires Deadlands D20™, and the Player’s Handbook® from Wizards of the Coast.®