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Deadlands d20: The Way of the Dead

$ 10.00 $ 19.95

Better Off Dead. . . That’s what you might think after reading this creepy collection of new powers for the Harrowed! In the Weird West, it’s not just the monsters that come clawing up out of the ground. Heroes who are too ornery to stay buried sometimes wake from the long dirt nap as well. Those who do are powerful as Hell itself. The Way of the Dead features the Harrowed and their incredible new powers. You’ll also find rules for Harrowed Hindrances as well as a casket-full of advice on how to handle these creepy cadavers in your own campaign. The Prospector also chimes in with his secret plan for his army of the dead, the magical elixir he uses to keep ‘em in line, and some words of warning for the recently un-deceased. There’s also a full-length adventure, Dark Canyon, to help new Marshals get their favorite deaders up and shambling. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s full conversion rules for our classic Deadlands products to the D20 rules! This product requires Deadlands D20 and the Player’s Handbook® from Wizards of the Coast.®