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The True OSR - Obsolete Shitty Rules

$ 45.00

This product is intended for a mature and irony-gifted audience 


An irreverent and satirical TTRPG, capable of mocking stereotypes through parody and the healthiest ultra-violence you can crave.


How does it work?

The True O.S.R. has a one-shot-focused game design, easy to learn and apply. In one session, Players will have to challenge (and defeat) the evil GM in an epic battle with no holds barred!

All systems compatible

Want to use all our madness for your boring old school favorite game?
No problem: The True OSR contains 46 table with a gazillion of possibilities, all compatible with every games around!
The theme
The True O.S.R. is a parodic RPG that embraces all the typical themes of classic RPGs (horror, cyberpunk, fantasy, etc.) and mixes them into a bizarre and fun narrative. Along the way you will find all the clichés of traditional RPGs with an explicit, raw and direct twist!

The rules

In The True O.S.R. you will find many randomic tables featuring thousands of elements that can be combined to generate new, unexpected and fun combinations seasoned with simple rules but capable of transcending the narrative level!

What to expect

Scary illustrations, a fun, beer and pretzel one shot game; another classic crazy project signed by Tin Hat Games!
Prepare for the worst!


  • Easy and fast game: lets you play immediately and it is perfect for one-shot sessions! Suitable for everyone from noobs to members of the old guard.
  • Innovative gaming experience: OSR style yet featuring unique metanarrative outcomes such as the final Master VS Players battle.
  • Irony filled: let’s take RPG for what it is: a game everyone plays with friends in order to spend a fun night.
  • Long-lasting: you can play it a thousand times with a thousand different outcomes!
  • Compatible:  The True O.S.R. is compatible with classic Old School game systems which can easily replace the basic structure