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The Spellweaver PFRPG Edition PDF

$ 9.99

The Spellweaver presents an alternate magic system that transforms arcane magic into a matter of skill and not just level climbing.

Using the new Spellweaving skill, a spellweaver is able to manipulate the threads of magic that spread throughout Existence like an infinite web of arcane energy. Using this system, arcane spells of any level may be cast so long as the character is sufficiently skilled and willing to risk the hazardous repercussions of failure.

Inside you will find instructions on how to integrate this new form of skill-based magic into your game setting, or how to replace the existing magic system outright. The simple rules for doing so are presented in easy-to-read tables that can be used for converting third party spells to Spellweaving DCs.

Also within are ...

    • The Spellweaver Base Class, along with 4 Archetypes

    • 4 Spellweaving-related Prestige Classes: the Battle Weaver, Cartomancer, Fated, and Weave Dancer

    • More than 30 new feats concerning this new magic system and notes on how existing feats relate to Spellweaving

    • A new race of natural spellweavers, the spider-like Ardekh

    • A new, Spellweaving-based goddess, a new cleric domain, new spells, and new magic items related to Spellweaving

    • 5 new creatures, a new hazard, the Weave creature subtype, and a new creature template

    • More than 30 new feats concerning the Spellweaving magic system

    • Rules for lands where the Weave acts abnormally

    • All PSSRD spells converted to Spellweaving DC to save you time