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The Hamster That Ate The World, Mini-Game #7 PDF

$ 4.99

General Stormgunden chewed on his cigar and grumbled under his breath. "Damn hamster has broken through our left flank," he finally told the president as the two of them watched the new footage on the television. 

Stormgunden watched as the small man next to him paled at the thought of the monstrous beast rampaging about the country. 

"Nothing left now to stop the beastie, he will be in the capital by nightfall", the vice president said over his fourth scotch.

The man was drunk, Stormgunden thought as he bit down on his cigar once more, twisting it about in his mouth. 

"We have only one hope sir," he spoke once more, turning to the president, "Nukes!"

This is another great Mini-game from Avalon Games, The Hamster That Eat The World. Some mad scientist, somewhere, for some mad reason has injected a small hamster, Mr. Chip, with who knows what. Now the hamster has escaped, grown and gotten hungry. It seems that only the cities of the world can feed the ravenous hamster now and he's heading this way. 

A fast game of hamster rage and human desperation, can you stop the 200 foot hamster before he crushes the cities of mankind under his huge hamster feet. Can you play Mr. Chip, and try to end the rule of man, ushering in a new hamster dominated age.