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Wu Xing: The Firebrands 2nd Edition

$ 19.99

Flames That Burn Brightly.  We are the sparks that incite change, the embers that burn down armies and the blades that cut the strings of corrupt politics. The Ninja Crusade has targeted our kind and we are not the ones to back down. The future is ours to control and will be written in the blood of our enemies.  And Burn with a Righteous Fury.  The Firebrands 2nd Edition is the first clanbook for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition. Experience the expansive territories, training methods and individual cultures of the Fire-Aspected clans: The Blazing Dancers, who live the dance of fire, and the Virtuous Body Gardeners with their fiery-tempered blades. All the secrets await within for the Izou Empire’s youngest clans.

This Book Includes:

- Learn about all facets of clan life directly from prominent Dancers and Inks

- New clan-specific, elemental and general jutsu, Fighting Styles and even Celestial Animals

- Three new clans that work beside the firebrands: The Gracious Illustrators, The Grey Tigers and the Winds of Aion.

- New Adventure included

- 9 new Pregenerated characters ready to jump into the action!