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The Dread of Night RPG

$ 25.00

  And so the Hunt begins…  In your hands, you hold a new TTRPG set in a Dark Fantasy realm known as Gradina, a beautiful land that has been settled by colonists from around the world, oblivious to the horrors that laid dormant beneath them. Now, with the new Kingdoms having spread far and wide, this land’s dark past has crept out of the shadows and into the open air beneath the night sky. On the Day of Beasts, dragons, harpies, griffons, werewolves, and all manner of unholy envoys and eldritch monsters appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The inhabitants of Gradina must face these new threats with what little knowledge they have at their disposal, and while Kings and Nobles scramble to their keeps, villages are left unattended and in desperate need of defense. Answer the clarion call and join the Hunt! Create one of 13 iconic classes inspired by Monster Hunting media (such as Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher, etc), some afflicted with powerful curses, others burdened by unimaginable loss, and some simply hoping to prosper amidst the chaos. Fight against the unknown, against the rise of the beasts of legend, and conquer humanity’s fears made manifest in the darkness of... the Dread of Night!