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The Deadly Seven PDF on CD

$ 5.95

The Deadly Seven is a modern-era supernatural horror adventure that pits the characters against seven unwitting servants of hell. The players will have to contend with a variety of threats both direct and indirect ranging from drive-by shootings and murderous psychopaths to rogue hackers, misguided zealots, and the demonically possessed. As each encounter draws them deeper into the grip of evil, they'll have to find the connection between their seemingly unrelated opponents to find the sinister mastermind manipulating events behind the scenes.

Rabbinical Exorcism

Jailbait Temptresses

A multi-part adventure, The Deadly Seven can be played as an extended campaign or as 7-8 independent scenarios ranging from all-out action to tense investigations. Each segment is designed to be incorporated into an ongoing story but the story also works if you play straight through.

The Deadly Seven is suitable for any modern urban setting that includes paranormal activity. It can also be a great way to introduce the paranormal into an otherwise-mundane campaign.

The Deadly Seven is also a sourcebook on demons and the theology of demonic possession, outlining the various stages of - and rules for - possession and exorcism. These sections can be printed out as player hand-outs

150 pages of text + 30 pages of character stats + 21 pages of maps
Full Color, Fully Illustrated, Multi-Layered PDF
7+ Individual Adventure Scenarios
5 Multi-Page Maps Including Offices, Homes, & Neighborhoods.
2 Sets of Clue Cards for player hand-outs.
3 System Compatibility

Savage Worlds
d20 Modern

Contains adult situations. May not be appropriate for individuals under 17.