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The Dark Eye: Theater Knights Part 5 - The Silver Guard

$ 19.99

After the Battle at Fortress Graytooth, the Alliance of Kor’s Sign forces seem defeated. Noble Marshal Nadjesha of Lionsford, though, senses the threats created by the Goblin Timbal’s emergence. Unprecedented destruction has already been wrought by this weapon of war of the Kunga Suula, and it must be destroyed! Nobody knows how this could be done. It is up to the heroes to guard the Timbal during the lengthy magical analysis of the artifact at a castle of the Order of the Ram. They will have to fight off the insidious attacks of the remaining cultists and their new allies. Aside from beastingers, river pirates, and dragon riders, they will meet old acquaintances, like Count Thezmer Alatzer of Asterbreach and the former Noble Marshal Jucho of Dallenthin and Persanzig.
In the fifth part of the Theater Knights campaign, the heroes will penetrate the center of their adversaries’ cult. They will meet allies they thought lost and traitors they thought vanquished. As they follow rumors about the Silver Guard, they will learn more about the dangerous reasons for the Awakening of the Bornland and the fate that the land intends for humans and The Silver Guard.