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The Dark Eye: Magic of Aventuria

$ 49.99

At some point, everyone dreams of being able to fly, look through walls, or move unseen. Now your character can do all these things and more! Magic of Aventuria offers a wealth of new rules, including new spells, Traditions, archetypes, magical special abilities, and casting styles to help you create the perfect mage character. - Learn new staff enchantments and magical actions, and study ways to combine or change spell effects and other aspects of magic - Acquire new special artifacts such as spell-swords, magical attire, crystal orbs, and illusionists’ wands - Study with a famous private tutor or enroll at one of Aventuria‘s top magical academies - Tailor a school‘s curriculum to suit your character’s needs and goals - Choose the path of the White, Gray, or Black Guild and gain access to guild influence (new advantages and disadvantages for guild members only) Also, Magic of Aventuria presents more than two dozen new and exciting profession packages and introduces arcane dancers, who enchant audiences with their hypnotic performances; arcane bards, who weave their spells into enthralling songs and melodies; illusionists, who bend perception to their will; and magical dilettantes, who wield raw, natural talent and live free of the demands of structured training. Whether your mage character’s destiny lies in research, academia, or a heroic life on the open road, this book has something for you. Adventure awaits!