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The Dark Eye: GM Screen and Tavern Guide

$ 24.99

Your days of searching through large tomes are over!

The Game Master Screen puts all of the Dark Eye’s important tables and charts right at your fingertips. This four-paneled screen gives detailed summaries of skill use, combat, magic, and miracles, which means less time looking for rules and more time enjoying the game.

The Game Master Screen also includes Inns & Taverns, a 48-page booklet with rules for popular tavern games, quality of goods, and pub brawls, new Focus Rules for the effects of Aventurian drinks, and tables for creating unique taverns—everything you need to add vivid and thrilling details to your tavern encounters.

The Tavern Guide features three examples of different Aventurian inns and taverns:

  • The Kraken King, the seediest tavern in Havena
  • The Hearthfire, a hospitable inn and way station on Realm Road III
  • The Round Wheel, a luxurious hotel and resort in the heart of the city of Punin

Each example includes detailed descriptions of important locations, residents, and patrons, as well as a full color map. Use these examples when you need a new location quickly, or use them as inspirations for creating your own taverns and adventures.