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The Dark Eye: Aventuria Armory

$ 39.99

The Aventuria Armory presets a fantastic array of useful gear and new rules for your Dark Eye campaigns. Equipment listings reveal new details and game benefits for everyday items such as crowbars, astrolabes and mage's robes. New hit zone rules allow characters to wear a mix of armor types, whether out of necessity or simply to suit a personal sense of style. Defend yourself with new weapons such as the versatile Warnuk hammer, the stealthy Nightwind sword and the fearsome, two-handed Pailos axe. Stride confidently into a dragon's cave wearing fire-proof Iryan leather armor, or proudly display your social status with a suit of rare and prestigious Tulamydian Mirror armor. Refine your battle  tactics with new rules for advantages, disadvantages and features for weapons and armor. 

the Aventuria Armory provides exciting new tools for exploring the Ennie Award-winning setting of the Dark Eye. Adventure awaits!