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The Cursed Chateau PDF

$ 3.99

The Cursed Chateau

Are you brave enough?

For decades, stories have circulated about the Cursed Chateau: the debauched entertainments and depraved experiments that took place within its walls while its master, Lord Jourdain, yet lived and the terrible hauntings that followed in the wake of his mysterious death.

Now you find yourself trapped inside the Chateau, cut off from the sanity of the world outside. Only by braving its terrors can you hope to find the key to your escape - if you survive.

The Cursed Chateau is a fantasy roleplaying adventure for 4-8 characters of levels 4-6 that includes referee information, maps, exploration keys, and everything else needed to play.

Written by: James Maliszewski
Art by: Aaron Acevedo, Pixie Bledsaw, Chris Bors, Olaf Breuning, Jeffrey Brown, Kitty Clark, Erol Otus, Siebren Versteeg, Todd White, Sherry Wong, and Steve Zeiser.