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The Chronicles RPG Kit: Malloy’s Almanac

$ 14.95

Run fantasy roleplaying games on the fly! ‘Malloy’s Almanac’ is a system-neutral, old-school 5.5x8.5” booklet with tools to help you run well organized, dynamic RPG games. It features a fantasy calendar with information on sunrise and sunsets, moon phases, tides, and weather.



The real core of the book is its 20 random encounter tools. This book is meant to be written in so you can track story elements as you use them. The tools have separate dice roll methods which let you choose encounters for either low-magic or high-magic settings.



The final section is composed of tables of characters by race (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Orcs), with checkboxes next to each name to note when you've used them.



Use ‘Malloy’s Almanac’ alongside any fantasy roleplaying game to enhance and create roleplaying adventures.