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Legend of the Five Rings: The Book of Water

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“The spirit of water ensures that change is constant, and that there is always something new to learn.” — Asako Beirei, Master of Water

Water is the gentlest but also the strongest of the five Elements, able to heal the most brutal injuries but also able to smash whole cities with taifun and tsunami. Water shugenja are among the Empire’s most peaceful but also some of the most dangerous to enrage. Water is a source of clarity and vision, empowering divination and assisting magistrates. It is the source of life but also the inspiration of the battlefield general; the Element of motion and movement, but also the essential Element of serenity and peace.

The Book of Water is the fourth in the series of Elemental sourcebooks for the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game. Each book explores different aspects of Rokugan’s world and samurai culture from the standpoint of the chosen Element. This book explores the aspects of Water, from the flowing grace of a warrior fighting with a bo staff to the ruthless tactics of merchants who exploit the flows of travel and coin. Within these pages may be found:

  • A discussion of the weapons of Water, including staves, chain weapons, and peasant weapons, as well as Mizu-do (the martial art of Water) and naval warfare.
  • The courtly and diplomatic arts of Water, with a particular focus on commerce.
  • The power and nature of Water magic, including many new spells of the Element.
  • New Water Kiho and Water-oriented monastic schools.
  • A new campaign setting, the Eternal Danger Islands, an archipelago filled with both danger and opportunity.
  • And much more!