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The Book of Unusual Treasures (d20)

$ 13.95

Forgotten spellbooks and tomes of arcane knowledge, material components harvested from vanquished monsters, masterwork weapons, armor, and other items of fine craftsmanship await the appraising eye of the adventurer. Each of these unusual treasures is lovingly detailed with lavish description to turn even the most innocuous knick-knack into a treasured find.

The treasures herein introduce a hoard of new feats, skills, spells, materials, and poisons to surprise the discerning treasure-seeker. GMs looking for new and interesting ways to reward their players will find literally hundreds of items within the pages of this collection. A single table organizes the entries according to value, enabling the GM to substitute any of these items for an equivalent amount of random gold, gems, or artwork.

These unusual treasures, both tangible and intangible, from the worthless to the priceless, are arranged by chapter:

Mundane Books and Spellbooks
Arcane Spell Components
Armor and Weapons
Clothing and Jewelry
Miscellaneous Treasures


THE BOOK OF UNUSUAL TREASURES is an indispensable resource for gamemasters looking to spice up their campaign.