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Cursed Empire: Thargos Atlas

$ 34.99

Here you have it, the second Cursed Empire Empire Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Corebook. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for all the currently released Supplement and Corebook covers, interior art is by Manoel Moreira, Paul Bourne, Andrew Dobbell and Amandine Labarre.

  • 30 maps over 80 cities, towns and regions described
  • Days in the Life series of short stories that set the scene and give Masters of tales (MT's) and players an insight into local life in a particular region or city.
  • Generic NPC's for use in any campaign
  • Additional rules relating to regional bonuses for player characters.
Also featuring, a complete 35-page scenario set in the coastal city of Elios: Blood Tide Of Elios: Players will have to test their mettle against the Deadly Ettikan Corsairs. Can they save Elios from destruction, or will the tide of black sails and their spies in Elios win the day?