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Tattered Banners - Bandit Lords and Mercenary Captains PDF

$ 9.99

Some of them are dirty, their weapons rusty, their bellies rumbling with hunger, but more deadly than
snakes. Others are splendid in their shimmering bronze armor, their swords impressive, and are looking
for glory and a reign for themselves.
They are mercenaries and bandits, the scum and outcasts of the civilized lands, come to pillage the rich
cities of the Dominions and to trample ancient thrones under their dusty sandaled feet...
Do you dare to be one of them?

Welcome back to the Dominions! This supplement focuses on one of the staples of Sword and Sorcery, mercenary companies and bandit bands. These assorted groups of fighters, scoundrels and rebels have more than once held in their blood-stained hands the history of the Dominions, and their dust-covered banners have shaped today's kingdoms.
The involvement of the heroes with these organizations can be on multiple levels: they can be worthy and interesting opponents, patrons and friends, or even more interestingly, the characters can be members themselves, becoming powerful captains and feared bandit lords.
Does the idea of a rugged war band at your command appeal to you? Then read on, but beware, powerful men always have powerful enemies...
To use this compendium you need copies of the Savage Worlds and Beasts and Barbarians rulebooks.
This sourcebook can be used with other fantasy settings, just with a little of work.