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Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Undead PDF

$ 6.99

Tales of ghosts and supernatural beings are part and parcel of being a sailor or pirate. Ships crewed by the undead are thankfully rare but still the myths endure!

Triple Ace Games brings you Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Undead in the standard tri-fold format. A great brand new set of ghostly figure flats from skeletal pirate captains to rotten fleshed crew! Each character has full Savage Worlds character stats to help the GM to bring their pirates adventure to life!

Each character has stats and background for the Origins award winning Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Each figure has been carefully drawn in full colour and with easy instructions you can quickly assemble these figures. A sharp craft knife/scissors and glue will be required to create each figure.

Figures included in this set:

* Ghost Captain Deepbeard
* Banshee Restless Spirit
* Captain Samedi Necromancer
* Countess Blood Vampire
* Captain Shroud Vampire Lord
* Wight Conquistador
* Wight Viking
* Wight Roman
* Wight Crusader
* Wight Aztec
* Skeleton Pirate
* Skeleton Officer
* Skeleton Harpooner
* Skeleton Swordsman
* Skeleton Gunner
* Zombie Boarder
* Zombie Harpooner
* Zombie Sailor
* Zombie Swordsman
* Zombie Marksman
* Ghost Hanged Man
* Ghost Chained Man
* Ghost Burning Man
* Ghost Drowned Man
* Ghost Headless Cannoneer
* Pet Black Cat
* Pet Vampire Bat
* Pet Skeletal Rat
* Pet Skeletal Parrot
* Pet Ghost Monkey