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Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - British Sailors PDF

$ 6.99

Ruling the waves - The British Navy are feared by every Pirate afloat! Up till now the Pirates have had an easy life of murderous plunder. Now the Royal Navy have despatched a crew of highly experienced sailors with a force of marines to bring order to the seas.

Triple Ace Games brings you Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - British Sailors in the standard tri-fold format. A great set of 25 figure flats from highly disciplined officers, hardened marines and jolly jack tars! Each character has full Savage Worlds character stats to help the GM to bring their pirates adventure to life!

Each character has stats and background for the Origins award winning Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Each figure has been carefully drawn in full colour and with easy instructions you can quickly assemble these figures. A sharp craft knife/scissors and glue will be required to create each figure.
Important note: These figures were originally sold by Legion Publishing. The figures are the same but now in the tri-fold format.

Figures included in this set:

*Captain James Felton
*First Lieutenant Tom Barker
*Petty Officer George Bligh
*Ships Master Cockham
*Midshipman Wallace
*Doctor Jones
*Master-at-Arms Evans
*Boatswain Rodwell
*Carpenter Pilkinton
*Sailmaker Fripp
*Ships Purser
*Topman Harbut
*Topman Chew
*Topman Hale
*Boatswain Mate
*Armourer Alfred Smith
*Ship's Cook Old Turpie
*Gunner Thompson
*Sailor Tozer
*Marway the Cabin Boy
*Marine Captain Osgerby
*Marine Guttridge
*Marine Fletcher
*Marine Eckett
*Marine Ayles