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Sundered Skies: Within the Skies PDF

$ 8.50

Four Perilous Ruins... Dozens Of Ways To Die!

In the Sundered Skies salvage is literally more valuable than gold, a wooden chest is much more prized than the bullion which fills it. Scavengers are adventurers who risk life, limb, and sanity to find the best salvage, and the best salvage is found in the deadliest of ruins.

Within The Skies contains four fully detailed ruins to be played at any point in the Sundered Skies plot point campaign. Inside you will find: * The fabled home to a Goddess found within the monstrous Runoff Falls.
* An horrific lesson taught by the insane bardic assassins of the Requiem.
* A hollow island so huge it can only be explored by skyship.
* A legendary threat to every isle created by the heroes success.

Sundered Skies is a dark fantasy setting by Triple Ace Games designed to be used by the award-winning Savage WorldsTM RPG.