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Stranger Stuff: RPG Corebook (System TinyD6)

$ 19.95

  Stranger Stuff is a rules-light tabletop roleplaying game of 1980’s inspired adventure, horror, and science fiction, where you play as “Kids” in their teens. But it’s not just homework and asking someone to the dance that are the terrors they need to face. Clearly influenced by the hit Netflix series, but also the great films that inspired that show, Stranger Stuff takes the original card-based vs. Stranger Stuff game released by Fat Goblin Games and adapts it to be played using TinyD6, a dice-based rules light tabletop roleplaying game, so that you can play both existing adventures with quick adaptation but also prepare the Kids for totally different dangers still to come.  The book also includes an adaptation of the adventure from the vs. Stranger Stuff — Season 2 revised core rulebook that was written by Kiel Howell — The Mask Behind the Makeup — that can be used as either a starting place for brand-new Kids to start their adventures, or as a chance for veterans of the vs. M Engine version of the game to learn the TinyD6 rules with their Kids for a brand new round of mystery, terror, and excitement! Stranger Stuff is a complete roleplaying game using TinyD6 in a slimmed-down and quick to use format. Even novice gamers will have no problem creating interesting characters, learning the rules, and starting a game. All you need is paper, pencils, three six-sided dice, and a few friends.