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Steel and Glory, Set 3, Mini-Game #47 PDF

$ 2.49

With a battle cry the dwarf warrior slammed his battle hammer into the skull of the skeleton before him. The animated bones flew part with the power of the dwarf's blow, as the momentum carried his hammer into the next skeleton with almost the same amount of might. All about him his battle brothers crushed the necromancer's undead soliders, the weak skeletons going down as fast as the foul magic could reanimate them. The dwarf began to sing a battle song, the words carried by his brothers nearby as they works at the slaughter before them.

This is Steal and Glory, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. A fast paced skirmish game of battle, skill and guts, Steel and Glory allows players to field small bands of warriors, who will then fight bloody engagements. Each set within the system will cover two different forces, and also offer new battle tiles, new abilities and new excitement. So don't wait, gather your warriors to you and fight for the glory of your chosen lord.

The third set covers the forces of the Dwarven Caers and the terror filled forces of the undead. Fully expandable, add this set to the others within the system and you find you have a massive game system. Don't wait, join the rage and fight your foe to the death.

This expansion is not a complete game, and you will need a copy of Mini-Game #45, Steel and Glory Set 1.