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Steel and Glory, Set 2, Mini-Game #46 PDF

$ 2.49

The elf waited until the right moment to release his arrow, taking the barbarian warrior in the eye with the long shaft. The elf had killed many of the invading savages this day, but he knew the battle was already lost, there being just too many of the warriors of the northern wastes to possibly win the day. Turning at a new noise, the elf's heart rose in pride, for walking silently out of the brush to his right came a wood singer, one of the most powerful mages in the world. With her aid, and her magic, the day could still be won. 

This is Steal and Glory, is another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. A fast paced skirmish game of battle, skill and guts, Steel and Glory allows players to field small bands of warriors, who will then fight bloody engagements. Each set within the system will cover two different forces, and also offer new battle tiles, new abilities and new excitement. So don't wait, gather your warriors to you and fight for the glory of your chosen lord

This second set covers the forces of the elven courts and the savage barbarians forces of chaos. Fully expandable, add this set to the others within the system and you find you have a massive game system. Don't wait, join the rage and fight your foe to the death.

This expansion is not a complete game, and you will need a copy of Mini-Game #45, Steel and Glory Set 1.